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Ron Getting Soaked
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What is Soak the Psychic?

Soak the Psychic is an OPTIONAL fundraising event to raise money for the Grace Centers of Hope homeless shelter, which gets people off the street permanently. For a donation starting at $1.00 for a small bucket, you can dump water on me. Bigger donations buy bigger buckets.

I started getting soaked for charity a few years ago after witnessing a pie in face charity event at a nursing home where I was entertaining as a musician. For a small donation employees smashed pies in the face of their manager as I set up. I couldn't help noticing especially as an entertainer how everybody participating and watching got into the pie smashing. I thought I would feed off the energy in the room when it came my turn to perform, but I had trouble getting people interested in my performance even though I had always and ever since had good response there. That's when I realized the entertainment value of a pie in the face!

However, the pie in the face event was very messy so I looked to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for inspiration. I decided to simplify the ice bucket challenge by eliminating the ice, which was too cold for me anyway; and letting all the donors the chance to get me wet. I then figured if I let seniors get me wet like at this nursing home, I could also offer it at the end of psychic parties or at the New Baltimore Trade Center.

Ron going home wet So send me home wet. I usually don't come back inside afterwards. I have towels etc. in the car. Of course, I only do this during the Summer months

Ron in pool If you got a pool, you can throw me in for a larger donation.

Ron getting sprayed by hose Of course, you can spray with the hose from 6 feet away for $10 per minute for social distancing purposes.

Once I get your donations to the Grace Centers of Hope homeless shelter, I will send you a receipt.