The Large Tall



December 14, 2020: Posted by Janice on Intuitives facebook page:

I had a reading from Ron a couple years ago. Some things he said I doubted. But let me tell you now, everything he said has come true!!! Hes really good!! Janice


November 17, 2020: Text from Judy to my wife, Christa, following a gallery reading from me:

Christa, a week ago Mon. evening  you and Ron met with Carol and me. Pls tell Ron he was spot on about Kard, my elderly husky who will be transitioning soon we think. Ron said that Kard was getting a white powdery substance put on his food that was causing severe stomach distress. Sure enough, that info was very accurate. My husband is putting that on Kard's food and the vet told him to stop. It was hurting his digestion!. Also Kard has a spot on his right front paw Ron said to watch. True! - Judy