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Bringing you short messages from the larger spirit world!
Call or text me at 248-705-8077 to schedule a reading!

Are you looking for a psychic who can connect to the spirit realm? As a medium, psychic, and spiritual counselor, I can connect to Spirit for you.

As a medium, I bring you short messages from the larger spirit world. I say “larger” spirit world because I may bring messages from your deceased loved ones, pets, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, and more. Spirits that want to communicate with you usually present themselves to me. You can also request specific people or spirits. Have you lost someone that you want to get a message from? Ninety percent of the time I can contact that person.

As a psychic, I may see into many aspects of your present and future life. However, the future is not written in stone. A message about the future may help you avoid potential problems or embrace desired opportunities.

As a spiritual counselor, I combine my own practical experience with yours and my psychic abilities to help you achieve your goals. You can get free advice from almost anyone, but you need a psychic for more intuitive insight.

Each reading is unique depending on what you may want to know, what spirit may want to communicate to you, and what I see as a psychic. Therefore, one reading may mainly consist of messages of deceased loved ones and another may mainly consist of dealing with issues that presently trouble you. I may use tarot and oracle cards. I also offer gallery readings and channelings.

I have had psychic abilities all my life. Around 1995 I started taking classes. In 2015, a classmate was impressed enough with my abilities to offer to pay me for a private reading. That’s when I knew it was time for me to become a professional, and I have been busy giving readings and messages ever since.

Because I am only human like you, I do not claim to be 100% accurate or to know everything. However, if you were drawn to me for a reading or a message, chances are that I have something to say from Spirit that you want or really need to hear. My clients regularly receive comfort and insight from such messages.

I invite you to come to me to get your messages from Spirit,


Ordained Priest according to the Order of Melchizedek in the Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc., of the State of New York

Here's 3 ways to get a reading:
Fairs and the New Baltimore Trade Center Private Readings Parties
Pricing $30 for the first 10 minutes, additional time for $2 per minute (unless fair has a different pricing policy); Fairs usually charge an additional admission fee. $70 for the first 30 minutes on Zoom/telephone, $100 for the first 45 minutes at my office or house, $130 for the first hour at your house or venue (additional time for $2 poer minute). $50 for 20 minutes for each participant. Minimum 4 participants. Putting on a psychic party is easy.
Time Minimum 10 minutes 30 minutes on Zoom/telephone, 45 minutes at my office or house, 1 hour at your house or other venue 20 minutes per participant
Appointment Necessary? No, but allows you to cut in line. Also making an appointment guarantees I'll be there in case of unexpected schedule changes Yes Yes
Deposit Required? No $30 non-refundable usually via Paypal $30 non-refundable which pays for the host's 20 minute reading
Extras Fairs usually have other psychics, vendors, speakers, demonstrations, etc. Channeling at reading prices Start your party with a gallery reading or Channeling at reading prices
At fairs I sometimes do gallery readings, or I perform music. End your Summer party with a splash with Soak the Psychic for donating to the Grace Centers of Hope homeless shelter.
When at the New Baltimore Trade Center on Friday or Saturday evenings, I usually sing songs and play my guitar or piano after 5 PM if I don't have customers at my booth. My wife is also a psychic and a healer, can also come with me to your party. See for more info. (You can also book her separately. See for more info.)
When at the New Baltimore Trade Center on Sundays during the Summer months, you can Soak the Psychic starting around 5 PM for a donation to the Grace Centers of Hope homeless shelter if I don't have a reading going on. Since I am a musician, I can also provide music for your party as a solo or with a classic rock band. See for more info.